Why Black Soldier Fly Larvae?


Naturally Nutritious

Black soldier fly larvae (BSFL) are high in protein, iron, calcium, and lauric acid, making them nature’s preferred ingredient.  


Healthy & Impactful

 Chickens prefer insects and PRENTO FARMS supplies them, providing quality nutrients while minimizing environmental impact.  



Black Soldier Fly Larvae convert organic waste to high quality protein through upcycling.  BSFL are a highly efficient, low-impact source of nutrients when compared to resource and water intensive alternatives.  

The Feed of the Future

The world urgently needs new sources of protein.

Current agricultural practices will not feed the world's growing population - water scarcity, land limitations, overfishing, and climate-driven extreme weather all threaten food supply.  We urgently need sustainable sources of protein to combat this crisis.  In 2017, the world produced 1B metric tons of feed ($460B) from soy and fish meal.  More than 80% of soybeans are used as feed; their cultivation requires huge amounts of land and water while aquaculture consumes 10% of the world’s fish production as feed for other fish, both with soaring prices and scarcity concerns.  Insects are the solution, providing quality protein while minimizing environmental impact. 

PRENTO FARMS is an innovative agricultural company creating insect-based feed for poultry diverting organic side-streams away from landfills to use as a feedstock for our insect solution - black soldier fly larvae.  New sustainable sources of protein are needed for the growing feed industry and insects are a more environmentally friendly source of natural protein.  By taking a circular approach through bioconversion, black soldier fly larvae can be raised on various organic waste materials, recycling nutritious nutrients from waste such as leftover food, offal, and grains discarded by breweries.  Insects are ecologically efficient, requiring far less water than soybeans and eliminating the marine life consequences of fish meal.  Finished product options from PRENTO FARMS include dried whole larvae, meal from dried larvae, insect oil or even live larvae for the local chicken hobbyists and farmers of Puerto Rico.  Animals naturally seek out insects as food - chickens forage for bugs; it is time we feed our protein-seeking livestock their natural diet.  PRENTO FARMS is creating a better feed for a better future. 


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